Brand : Bangcool

Bangcool XT60 LiPo Battery Balance Charging Board Plate 2-6S Parallel Connect Plate


Balanced output lines using 20AWG stranded silicone line
main output line using 12AWG stranded silicone line
Cell: 2~6S
Voltage: 0~22.2VDC
Max current: 30A
Battery: 6 packs same capacity & cell count
Connector: XT60 Connector

Used for simultaneously charging multiple lithium batteries(including LiPo, LiFe, and Li-ion types) in parallel
Convenient to charge and balance up to six lithium batteries at the same time when used with a balance charger
The charging time is significantly reduced since all batteries are balanced at the same time instead of balancing batteries one by one
Built-in short circuit protection
20Z of thick copper foil sustainable resistance to flow 80A


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